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Dentist Office in South Jordan

At Genesis Dental of South Jordan, our goal is to ensure that we make you comfortable while providing the highest level of treatment. If you have suffered from anxiety over going to the dentist in the past, come to our office for a comfortable, pain-free, and professional experience. Our South Jordan dentist office location is a prime example of what makes our practice different: commitment to our patients.

Every member of our staff works to make your experience positive by being warm, friendly, and extremely specialized in their knowledge of dental treatments. We provide the highest level of dental care to residents at the south end of the valley. Not only do we have a convenient location, but we are also the perfect place to bring your whole family.

Pain-Free Treatment

Because we are dedicated to your comfort, we do everything we can to ensure your visit to our office is completely pain-free. We know that many adults and children get nervous about seeing the dentist because they believe the experience will be much more uncomfortable than it actually is.

At Genesis Dental, we relieve your anxiety by welcoming you into a warm and friendly office and by providing easy anesthetic treatments. We use laughing gas and a number of other methods for patients who are extremely nervous. Most of our patients discover that they hardly feel a thing during the treatment.

Feel at Ease

At Genesis Dental, we understand that your fear is not just physical, but also emotional. Most of our patients come in nervous and tense, anticipating the worst, and it is our goal to put your mind at ease. We work to relieve tension first, before we begin any treatment. We treat every patient like a member of our family, talking to you, answering your questions, and finding solutions for you.

We can help relieve your tension by keeping you in the loop during your treatment. Our staff members will talk you through the treatment as they are doing the procedure. If it helps to relieve your nerves, we will let you know what is going on around you. We guarantee that you will be relaxed, comfortable, and numb before and during your treatment.

Trust Our Expertise

No matter what work you need to have done, we will make it a pleasant experience for you. We offer a wide range of dental treatments using anesthetic and advanced equipment. At Genesis Dental of South Jordan, we can do everything from teeth whitening to implants to extractions. Call us for an appointment and you will be in good hands.

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 5 reviews
by Jessica H on South Jordan

I start my new job in a week. So right now I have no insurance. Of course I get a tooth ache. I called Genesis Dental asking what are the chances of getting in asap? They were so understanding, and got me in within an hour. They did a quick X-ray and told me what was wrong I had and abscess that needed antibiotics. The whole appointment cost about $115 which I thought was very reasonable. The antibiotics cost me $4 with no insurance. I have to take the pills for 7 days. Just in time for my insurance to start. Thank you again for your help and understanding I'm in pain. I'm at Day one with that antibiotics let's see how it all turns out. Thank you Genesis Dental! The staff was very friendly they gave me an update on when the dr will be in and everyone was very friendly and nice and very understanding.

by Jamie on South Jordan

I love Dr. Jensen! He always remembers me from 6 months ago! He is a great dentist and is always so nice to me! I love the rest of the staff and have never had a bad visit. They always go to bat for me with my insurance issues and I will continue with them as long as possible. Genesis at the District is the BEST!

by Stephanie Wright on South Jordan

I first encountered Dr. Jensen after breaking a front tooth five years ago and had to find someone to patch me up in a pinch. He talked me into a full, new smile - very gentle salesmanship, I was open to suggestion, having broken another front tooth as well, a decade before, and had lived with a bad patch job ever since. So I went for it.My original teeth were pretty uneven and never very white. The price was reasonable. My worst fear was that my smile might end up too Hollywood - I was used to my hillbilly smile. But I can honestly say now that, after the initial adjustment to my perfectly even, clean-looking teeth, I was immensely pleased. People started complimenting my smile in a really sincere way, and still do.Dr. J has been a great tooth health advocate for my whole family, and a reliable and conservative practitioner - he does nothing we don't need, and his prices are right. He's a great find as a dentist, and a kind man. And his office staff are just like him - professional, fun and good at what they do. My whole-hearted recommendation.

by Anonymous on South Jordan

Ready for this? I hadn't seen a dentist in, gulp, 10 years. 10 YEARS! I had a bad experience the last time I'd gone and it horrified me to go see anyone - when my husband suggested I go for a cleaning, I would start crying. It was awful. Long story short, I had a tooth crack (probably from not going to the dentist for 10 years...) and I had to get in immediately. Dr. Jensen and the team at Genesis Dental couldn't have been BETTER. They were AMAZING at making me feel calm and relaxed, I had no pain during all the procedures, and though I ended up having to have oral surgery for an implant, Dr. Jensen's sweet bedside manner and always making sure I was okay meant the WORLD to me. I am a LOYAL customer now, and though we have lots of work to do to redo the last 10 years of 'damage' that was done, I am actually excited to get in there and get everything fixed up. Whoever thought they'd be excited to go to the dentist!? Thank you Genesis Dental!!! 🙂

by Sadiee Manning on South Jordan

Dr.Jones and his staff are AMAZING! He has worked on both of my girls (ages 9 and 4) many times and has performed a variety of procedures ranging from root canals to caps to basic fillings. Every time I've left their office I've been 100% satisfied with the way the appointment had went. At this particular Genesis Dental location: the staff was amazing, once we walked through the doors they took my daughter immediately to the back so there was no waiting, Dr.Jones spent the proper amount of time with me explaining the procedures that were going to take place, and the whole experience at that office was perfect.This is a review from my 9 year old daughter who was Dr.Jones patient at this appointment. On a 0 to 5 scale 5 being the absolute best she give him a 5. She said the best thing she liked about the whole experience (even though she needed 2 root canals) was how Dr.Jones talked to her and had a conversation with her while she was getting the work done.

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