Cavity Fillings in Utah

Unlike other parts of your body, your teeth can’t restore themselves. We recommend coming to us for a general exam and cleaning if you are experiencing or seeing signs of cavities, such as:

  • Toothache
  • Sensitivity
  • Discoloration on the surface of the tooth
  • Bad breath that doesn’t go away with brushing or mouthwash
  • Sharp pain when biting on a tooth
  • A lost filling

Call Today, Come In Today!

Don’t wait. Get any cavities filled as soon as possible to prevent the decay from getting worse. Choose Genesis Dental for your next cavity filling appointment in Utah! We’re always available when you are. You don’t have to miss school or work, as we offer appointment times in the evening and on weekends. Schedule your next visit.

Have an Emergency?

If you’re experiencing pain or lost a filling, call us right away for any emergency. We do our best to make sure that when you call, you can come in as soon as possible, even if it’s after hours. When you call, you’ll talk to an actual person to answer your questions and get the help you need.

What We Offer

We offer every type of cavity filling in Utah if you have a specific preference, but we most often use white composite fillings. We choose to use white composite because it’s durable and matches the natural color of your teeth. They’re much different from silver amalgam fillings of the past.

Fillings are often associated with needles, drills, and other noises and sensations that aren’t always pleasant. We get it! Each of our offices strive to empathize and do our best to make the experience as easy for you as possible. Some of the ways we help our patients get comfortable with their filling treatment are:

Nitrous Oxide

Also called “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is an effective sedative to help make your dental visit a more enjoyable experience. Nitrous oxide has little to no side effects, and it can make your dental appointment seem to go faster. Plus, you can safely drive home after your appointment.

Take Your Mind Off the Drill

We completely understand if needles and drills aren’t your thing. We’ll do what we can to take your mind off your treatment. Some of our offices have TVs, we can talk while doing your treatment, or we can play music to better cover the drill’s noise. We don’t take it personally if you don’t like coming to the dentist, especially for fillings or crowns.

Our dentists are constantly learning new ways to make treatment more comfortable for their patients. We want to keep your entire appointment stress free. Let us know how we can help make the experience better for you!

Schedule Your Appointment

Cavities don’t go away by themselves. If you have a cavity or suspect you have one, schedule your cavity fililng appointment in Utah with Genesis Dental at a time that actually works for you.

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