Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies

  • Major Toothaches
  • Cracked, broken, or knocked out teeth
  • Abscessed teeth

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Orthodontist Emergencies

Orthodontic Emergencies

  • Protruding wires causing pain
  • Broken, loose, or lost brackets
  • Lost ligatures or loose wires
  • Broken orthodontic appliances

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Call Today, Come In Today

We’re always available when you need us. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency and need treatment right away, don’t wait. Call the Genesis Dental or District Orthodontic location closest to you. When you call us, you’ll speak to an actual person who makes sure a dentist or orthodontist is available for you, no matter what time it is. We’re available both day and night.

Emergency Dental Treatment

The biggest indicator that you need help right away is major tooth pain. Pain could be an indicator that you have a cracked or broken tooth or possibly an infection. Taking care of the tooth immediately is crucial in preventing further infection and oral hygiene issues. You shouldn’t have to wait for your next appointment to get relief. Contact us immediately, and we’ll take the right steps to diagnose the issue and alleviate any immediate discomfort. We’ll then schedule a follow-up appointment at the next convenient time. This later appointment allows us to restore your smile and prevent future problems.

Emergency Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic emergencies happen too! While some issues can be temporarily fixed while waiting for your next appointment, others should be done as soon as possible. Broken brackets or wires can slow your treatment down and impact your teeth’s alignment. Give your orthodontist a call, and we’ll set up your appointment as soon as possible to keep your orthodontic treatment on track.

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  • Salt Lake City, UT

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