Why Us

Our Core Values at Genesis Dental


We are not satisfied with average or mediocre.  Extra Mile – High Class – Top Shelf – This is what Genesis Dental is about.
Abraham Lincoln said “Whatever you are – Be a Good One”.  We are dental care providers and we are good ones.
It is what you do above and beyond what is expected that defines who you are.


We are all about relationships.
We want you to enjoy coming to see us.
We are cheerful.
We smile and laugh.
We know who you are. We know your name.
We care about you.
We have to see each other so we might as well have a good time.


Complicated, critical procedures.
“No Pain, No Gain” – No Way. Does not apply to us – Not true at Genesis Dental.
Shots that don’t hurt.
Anxious concern for your comfort.
“Are you done already? That didn’t even hurt!”


You have to pay for your work so we will make it fit within your budget.
We have many payment options available.
We keep our prices reasonable.
Not the cheapest – Not the most expensive.
We work closely with your insurance company.
We prioritize treatment so you are not overwhelmed.  Often we can space out treatment needs in order to fit your budget constraints.


Education, Education, Education.
You will always know what is going on and why.
We will teach you about dentistry.
We use simple, easy to understand terms – not medical jargon.
We will explain in simple terms what you need, why you need it, the benefits of getting it done and the consequences of not getting it done.
We always explain what we are doing.
We use pictures, props, and videos.
We will teach you about insurance.
We will teach you about home care and the importance of maintenance and prevention.

  • Jan 16, 2016
    Excellent. Very caring service.
    Jan 14, 2016
    Excellent care with friendly staff and Doctor Porter always makes you comfortable.
    Jan 14, 2016 By Michael Hines
    I had a wonderful visit with no waiting time or pain. The staff is very warm and friendly.